Dental Exam

Initial Dental Exams – At Yes! Dental, we believe that relationships are essential to quality dental care. From your initial visit we’ll work to provide the highest quality care that is personalized to your needs. Your initial visit will include a cleaning, an overall oral health screening, and individual care based on your needs and wants.

Emergency Dental Exam – Regular dental care is essential to oral health, but sometimes emergencies happen, and you need dental services right away. At Yes! Dental we strive to be available for emergency dental needs at both our Grand Junction and Delta offices.

Periodic Dental Exam (6-month checkup): Our regular dental exams make it possible for you to be confident that you’re maintaining the best possible oral health. These periodic dental exams include more than just basic cleaning, as we also check for gingivitis, periodontal disease, and other preventative measures.

Dental X-Ray

Complete Set of Dental X-rays – Dental X-Rays allow your dentist to better understand the overall state of your oral health. Dental radiographs (X-rays) can reveal hidden tooth decay, developing tumors, and cysts. A complete dental X-rays can reveal problems before they become serious – saving our patients both from unnecessary pain and expenses.

Single Dental X-Rays (for emergency exams) – Sometimes treating a dental emergency will require a single dental X-ray. At Yes! Dental we can get your X-ray accomplished as quickly as possible so that we can correct the dental emergency the correct way.

4 bitewing Dental X-Rays (Adult Check Up) – Bitewing dental X-rays allow your dentist to get a picture of your teeth above the gum line. These dental X-rays are perfect for diagnosing gum disease and cavities between teeth. For adult X-rays, Yes! Dental will take four bitewing X-rays to get a complete picture of your teeth.

2 Bitewing Dental X-Rays (Baby Teeth) – For patients that still have baby teeth, Yes! Dental can still perform bitewing dental X-rays to check for cavities, gum disease, and overall oral health.

Panorex Dental X-Ray – Yes! Dental also offers Panorex dental X-rays. This X-ray technique allows the dentist to get a picture of your entire mouth in a single image. A Panorex X-ray shows both the upper and lower jaws at the same time, making them perfect for diagnosing impacted teeth and other issues that might be missed on a bitewing X-ray.

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