Many patients do not have dental insurance or do not have enough dental insurance. For these patients normal procedure costs are simply too expensive. At Yes Dental our in-house dental plan called the Premier Plan lowers the cost of procedures for the entire family for an entire year. The cost of the Premier Plan is $75 per family per year.

At Yes Dental our in-house dental fee plan lowers the cost of dentistry for the whole family. For $75 a whole family can receive a reduced fee scale for dental procedures. They have access to these reduced fees for a full year. For example the normal fee for a full set of x-rays and an exam is $241. For patients with the Premier Plan the cost goes down to $82.

Clearly the Premier Plan pays for itself very quickly. Yes Dental is a general dentistry practice and in some cases a patient needs to be referred out of the office to a specialist. The Premier Plan only applies to procedures we can do at our own office. Specialists have their own fee schedules and patients that require a specialist’s treatment are responsible for the specialist’s fees.

The Premier Plan is a dental fee plan NOT a form of insurance and cannot be used in conjunction with insurance. Regardless of these restrictions many families across Western Colorado are finding that the Premier Plan is a great way to save them money. Rest assured that at Yes Dental our highly trained staff members are prepared to consult with you on the best way to save you money. For most uninsured or under-insured patients the Premier Plan is an obvious advantage.