Dental Fillings

When a lifetime of wear requires a filling, our team at Yes! Dental can meet our patients needs with the placement of composite fillings to repair any existing damage and prevent further decay.

Amalgam Fillings (Silver) – Dental fillings are used to repair teeth that have been damaged by wear or decay. Amalgam fillings are silver in color and provide durability and strength at an economic price point.

Posterior & Anterior Tooth Color Fillings – Tooth colored filings are constructed from a resin ceramic and plastic compounds in a way that matches the color of your existing teeth. The color matching ability makes tooth color fillings perfect for teeth that are more visible.

Advantages of Tooth-Colored Restorations 
Composite fillings closely match the color, shape, and size of surrounding teeth, offering both protection to the damaged tooth and the ability to provide a beautiful looking smile. The placement of a composite filling usually takes just one office visit and can significantly improve the appearance and health of a patient’s tooth.

Dental Crown

At Yes! Dental, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with dental work that provides you with the healthiest, best looking smile possible. Dental crowns look and feel like natural teeth. At Yes! Dental we utilize the latest in dental technology to bring you same day dental crowns.

Porcelain Crown (Milled in House) – A crown from Yes! Dental serves to protect a damaged tooth. Porcelain crowns are strong, highly stable, and matched to the natural color of your teeth. All our porcelain crowns are milled in house – giving us complete quality control over the finished product for our patients.

Resin Filling (Milled in House) – Unlike amalgam fillings, our resin fillings match the existing appearance of your teeth and allow us to repair teeth without the metal appearance of more traditional fillings.

PFM Crown – Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns are made from a metal shell with a porcelain veneer. These crowns combine the strength of metal with the aesthetic qualities of porcelain.

Full Gold Crown – Gold crowns are made from a gold alloy and provide durability while being easy to maintain. Typically, gold crowns are used in posterior teeth where the gold will be less visible.

Core Build-Up (Filling Under Crown) – Occasionally, a tooth will need a large area of the core repaired before a crown can be applied. In these cases, Yes! Dental will perform a core buildup to repair the excessively damaged tooth.

Dental Bridges

When a patient loses a tooth, their overall oral health is at risk. Amazingly, missing teeth can be easily replaced with the use of a dental bridge. The placement of a dental bridge provides the structure required to maintain the proper function of your mouth, while fitting seamlessly into the shape, color and style of the surrounding teeth. A dental bridge attaches the artificial teeth to the natural teeth in the area.

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