Affordable Dental Care in Grand Junction

Thank You for visiting Yes Dental. We hope you will appreciate our caring yet affordable approach to dentistry. At Yes Dental we work to provide quality dentistry at the most affordable cost that we can. Our focus is on the quality of dental care with the ultimate goal of retaining patients for a lifetime.


Quality comes first at Yes Dental. We are unwilling to compromise on the quality of our work. We use high quality materials and high quality local labs. For this reason we may not always be able to offer the absolute lowest cost for certain procedures, but in these cases we find that most patients are willing to pay just a little more for the kind of quality we offer. Our ultimate goal at Yes Dental is to retain patients for a lifetime. This means we need to offer the kind of quality care that will keep people coming back.

Accept All Dental Insurances

Patients want to use their dental insurance. At Yes Dental we have highly trained staff ready to help you maximize your insurance benefits no matter what your policy is. We accept all insurances and are in network for most. Being in network means that we have a contract with your insurance company to accept a certain set of fee’s (generally lower than average) and by contract we cannot charge you more than the agreed upon set of fee’s. Being in network basically means less out of pocket expense for patients making us more affordable.

Evening and Weekend Hours

Yes Dental has office availability from 7AM to 7PM Monday – Friday and 8AM-1PM every other Saturday. For many patients visiting traditional offices the cost of missing work to visit the dentist combined with the cost of expensive dental procedures makes dentistry unaffordable. At Yes Dental we are willing to work around the patients schedule making dentistry both more accessible and more affordable.

Premier Plan

No dental insurance? Not enough dental insurance? No problem! At Yes Dental our in-house dental fee plan lowers the cost of dentistry for the whole family.

What Our Patients Say:

“Dr. McKnight is the best children’s dentist we have ever found.”
~Patient (Mother of 4)